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It is the most important river in Herzegovina and one of the coldest in the world: its source is located in the Dinaric Alps, a mountain range that represents the skeleton of the country, at about 1300 m above sea level, in the locality of Jabuka, about 30 km from Sarajevo. The unique shades of colors of this river , extremely clean and sparkling, make it a special and particularly attractive symbol of these regions, besides being characterized by an extremely rich endemic biosystem. The river begins its course by passing through the narrow valleys in a northwesterly direction for approx. 100 km, touching a place called Glavatičevo, then the small town of Konjic, and then descends to the south via Jablanica, passes through Mostar, Počitelj and Čapljina and “breaks out” into the Adriatic Sea near a small town called Ploče, in Croatia, through whose port goods are transported throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. The river is a great attraction, not only because of the purity of the water and gentle flow, but also because it allows rafting and other activities in certain parts, such as trout fishing, which attracts anglers from all over the country.


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