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It is formed by the confluence of the Tara and Piva rivers. In its middle course, the Drina is the habitat of all freshwater fish species, while the upper course of the river is home to wild salmonid species such as: grayling, brook and lake trout, and rainbow trout, as well as the popular endemic species of bream, which is considered the queen of this river. “Hucho Hucho” fry, also known as the Danube salmon in the Drina, can grow to over a record 40 kilograms. In addition to this capital example, large brook trout live in this water, which manage to reach a weight of over 15 kilograms, as well as rainbow trout of over 12 kilograms. This colossal river with an extremely rich underwater world is a real challenge even for the most experienced anglers.

It is suitable for fishing with all “fly fishing” and “spin fishing” techniques. Depending on the target type of fish, you can fish on the Drina with all the usual fly fishing classes, but it is especially suitable for two-handed and “switch” techniques. On this mountain river it is best to use regular #5 or #12 class single handed rods, or #10 class two handed rods. On the other hand, fishing on the Drina can be divided into medium and heavy, which is practiced in winter conditions. The necessary equipment is represented by rods that are at least 3 meters long and from 80 to 250 and 300 grams of action. As the water temperatures are quite low in all seasons, layered and warm clothing is recommended. The Drina is a beautiful greenish-turquoise river, which proudly bears the title “queen of all waters”. A river about which songs have been sung, films made, Nobel laureates wrote books about it… There are enough reasons to visit this beauty


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