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The fly fishing area on the Ribnik River stretches from the very source all the way to the mouth of the Sana River. The river in the village of Ribnik takes on the characteristics of karst water. The banks become softer and earthier, and aquatic plants and algae occupy more than 50% of the river bottom. These grasses are the habitats of a large number of crayfish, which are primary in the diet of grayling and trout. This part of the river provides easy and good access to all parts of its course. The rules of fishing at the fly fishing area on the Ribnik River are in accordance with sports ethics according to the principle of “catch and release” on one fly, using a hook without a counter hook. Due to its beauty, richness of flora and fauna, the Ribnik River certainly belongs to the very top of Europe’s top fly fishing destinations.

River Basin


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