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It originates at the foot of Mount Mučanj (1536 meters high) and forms several gorges and canyons of inestimable beauty. The river is 62 kilometers long, and most of it is accessible to visitors. Veliki Rzav is the habitat of grayling and trout, but it is not rare to come across chub as well. However, in recent years, Veliki Rzav has increasingly become a grayling water, and this type of fish grows on average between 30 and 45 centimeters. There are rare cases of grayling with a size of 50 centimeters, as well as brook trout with a length of 20 to over 50 centimeters.

Rzav allows fishing with lighter fly and lure tackle. In the spring period, fishing is done with larger flies (caddis imitations, mayflies, stoneflies and dabi beetles), while summer climatic conditions require fishing with smaller baits.

Fishing is allowed seven months a year (from March 1 to October 30), according to the “catch-release” principle.



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