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Her majesty Hucho Hucho

The Beauty of Danube salmon

Anglers from around the world come to Balkan rivers in search of the majesty of Hucho hucho. Because if the lion is the king of the jungle, then the Danube salmon is the queen of the rivers. Danube salmon is caught in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Drina, Una, Sana, and Ribnik rivers. Then on the Sava Bohinjka, Sava, Savinja, and Krka rivers in Slovenia, and on the Drina and Djetinja rivers in Serbia, as well as on the Lim River in Montenegro. Perhaps the beauty of Danube salmon fishing lies precisely in these beautiful rivers. Because the beauty of the landscapes through which these rivers flow is fascinating and relaxing. An environment where you don’t need a mobile phone, where you are connected with nature, where you feel like time has stopped in another era when nature was a much more important factor in human lives and when there was more respect for nature.

The Fish of a Thousand Casts

Fishing for Danube salmon is a battle against time, patience, perseverance, and persistence. Danube salmon has another characteristic nickname, “the fish of a thousand casts.” Because few can boast of catching a Danube salmon without having cast a “thousand times.” When the Danube salmon feeds, it does so intensively, consuming sufficient food and then returning to deep pools where it can spend several days until it gets hungry again and goes hunting once more. So if you’re lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, you have a chance to catch it, but if you fish when the Danube salmon is full, not even a thousand casts will help you.


And finally, to conclude. Danube salmon is a fish that commands respect, and being persistent is the best recipe for catching it. You need to go out on the water, analyze the current situation, and adapt to the conditions on offer. And when you catch one, know that you deserve it because catching a Danube salmon doesn’t happen “just like that”; it requires a long journey to reach that goal.

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