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Lake Vrutci is rich in all kinds of fish, and fishermen are mostly attracted by the large perch. On the other hand, Djetinja is home to brook trout, grayling and saplings that were brought from the Drina 19 years ago and have adapted incredibly to the conditions of this water ecosystem. In Djetinja grayling manage to grow from 50 centimeters to over 2 kilograms, brown trout over 4 kilograms, and fingerlings even over 15 kilograms. Both areas are suitable for fly fishing in the entire river, while lure fishing is only possible in the lower part of the river.

Although the Djetinja River is not long, it is full of preserved aquatic life and is a real pleasure for anglers. It is difficult to describe the incredible experience of a capital catch on a rather small river, but the fact that anglers return to Djetinja again and again speaks for itself.

Fishing on Djetinja is allowed seven months a year (from March 1 to October 30), according to the “catch-release” principle.



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