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The Ljuca river carries the cold and clear water of the Prokletije snow to the Plav Valley, across the Ali-Pasha Springs, all the way to the Plav Lake.

The dreams and wishes of every fisherman come true in Plav, whatever technique of fishing you use. You can chose between severe trophy fishes, pikes and endemic lake trout-so called „the muddy trout”, playing with sly grayling, unpredictible brown trout or scary huchen. In the waters of Plav region the fishes reach their genetic maximum. For example, the biggest captured huchens had around 41 kg, graylings to 2,5 kg, lake trout could reach weight till 10 kg, but most of them reach weight from 3 to 6 kg. Every captured pike must be released,even the ones with the length more than 120 cm.

The region of Plav, on the north-east of the Republic of Montenegro, with its fantastic waters is the (fly)fishing paradise. The rivers Lim (fly fishing only 3 km), Ljucha – southernmost destination in Europe with large graylings, the tributaries – Vruja, Grnchar and the Plav’s lake (natural glacial lake) make an unreal ambient that takes breath away to any admirer of nature and fishing.

The area around the lake is ideal for trekking, hiking and mountain-biking and the lake itself is only one of a large number of mountain lakes that can be visited, whether it is for a quick swim or a relaxing picnic. The whole Plav region nestles at the foot of the towering Prokletije mountain range and rests on the banks of Plavsko Jezero. The geology of Plavsko Jezero and the surrounding lakes, streams and rock formations is very interesting. The lake itself is full of limestone caverns and there are many springs where water gushes forth from the earth.



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