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Beli Rzav is 23 km long, and its source is in the western part of Tara National Park (1600 m above sea level). The source of the river Crni Rzav is located on the mountain Zlatibor (1440 m above sea level), from where it flows towards Bosnia, forming beautiful gorges. The total length of Crni Rzav, Beli Rzav and Rzav is about 75 km. This unpolluted ecosystem is a natural spawning ground for the young. The river is rich in brown trout, roach, bream and large specimens of chub, but the Danube salmon (juvenile) is the most numerous. This fish is fed and spawned in Rzava until it reaches the appropriate size to return to the Drina River. The Rzav is one of the few rivers where you can catch several fry during the day, using only simple fly fishing equipment for trout and grayling (dry nymph, streamers) or lure technique. Local Danube salmon can weigh from 1 to 4 kg, and this mountain river often hides larger specimens that can weigh over ten kilograms.Rzav is an exceptionally well-preserved and clean river, and these are the reasons why this river is an ideal place for spawning


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