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Photo Cicko Murino

It’s created from two rivers, Opasanica and Veruša, under the mountain Komovi. The last 40 km of the course of the Tara River is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in several places it forms the border between the two countries. In Šćepan polje, together with the river Piva, it forms the river Drina.

The Tara River is on the UNESCO list of protected areas. The canyon and the Tara River fulfilled as many as three conditions (of which only one was sufficient) to become part of the UNESCO world heritage of natural resources, namely: biological phenomenon, hydrological phenomenon and geological phenomenon.

Tara is particularly attractive with its 69 beech trees, on which it turns into foam, a swirl, which makes it very challenging for tourists. There are alternating strong beechs, diverse rapids, with deep rivulets, limans, pots and straits, rare drafts. The water is clean, transparent, spilled in various colors, the shores are lush, smooth, steep and challenging. Stormy and timid Tara’s tributaries carry a large amount of loose material, stones and sand, which Tara accepts, crushes and scatters with its bed, thus creating wonderful pebble banks and beaches of finely washed sand.

The unique canyon known in the world as the deepest and steepest river canyon in Europe and a capricious mountain river attracts many tourists from all over the world. Tara is the wildest, most beautiful and cleanest river of the old continent. Because of its purity, it is called the tear of Europe.

Photos by Cicko Murino


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