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Collecting in its course all those rivers and streams (Korčanica, Trebunj, Biljanska riječica…) Sanica grows very quickly into a real mountain river with all its beauty and charms that adorn the entire Sanica valley. The Sanica River, from its source to its confluence with Sana near Vrpolje, abounds with numerous waterfalls and ponds that attract both fishermen and swimmers as well as other lovers of pure nature. The variety and quality of fish in its waters, especially brown trout and fingerlings, have forever attracted fans of this sport.

It is very accessible for fly fishing, it is rich in grayling, which makes up 70% of the fish stock, often around 45 cm long and often up to 60 cm. In addition to grayling, it is also rich in brown trout. Fishing with dry fly and nymphs is allowed, and the fish is very active throughout the day on dry fly.


River Basin


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